Research Guides to Chinese Law

Last updated July 14, 2005

A Complete Research Guide to the Laws of the PRC (Wei Luo and Joan Liu)
Beyond the Border - The Chinese Legal Information System in Cyberspace (Joan Liu)
Chinese Law Research Resources on the Internet (Univ. of Chicago)
Chinese Legal Research (UCLA)
Chinese Legal Research (Yale Law School)
Chinese Legal Research Resources (Univ. of Chicago)
Electronic Resources on PRC Law (Nongji Zhang)
Finding Chinese Law on the Internet (Joan Liu)
Guide to Chinese Law (Law Library of Congress)
Internet Chinese Legal Research Center (Wei Luo)
Internet Guide for Chinese Studies - Law
Research Guide to Chinese Law (NYU Law)
Research Guide to Chinese Law (University of Washington School of Law)
Research Guide to Chinese Law (Washburn)
The Internet and Chinese Law Materials (Bick-har Yeung)