The New York City Law Review is edited and published by the students of the City University of New York School of Law. The Law Review is dedicated to the school’s mission of Law in the Service of Human Needs. It aims to inform the legal community of recent developments in public interest law and provide a forum for practitioners whose clients might otherwise lack meaningful representation in the legal system. We encourage public spirited legal advocacy on individual cases as well as on a broader policy level.The Law Review of New York City is broadly interdisciplinary and invites submissions that support public interest law as well as works specific to New York City. Another important goal of the Law Review has been cemented into the core values of providing opportunities for law students to develop a writing and editing skill-set that is uniquely their own. Accordingly,there will be pieces contained in each issue of the law review by students and outside contributors in addition to these student pieces.

Our staff carries out all day-to-day operations, and the members of the Editorial Board make all editorial and administrative decisions.

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